ARI channel move command returning 404

I have my dialplan configured so that when receiving inbound call, it executes an external script via the System() function, passing in the ${UNIQUEID} to the script. Inside the script, in order to work with the channel via ARI I need it to be in stasis, so to do that I’m starting a websocket connection and inside that I want to call the ARI “move” command on the channel. But the move command returns 404 response code, even though if I make a request for channel details using the same channel ID, it returns fine, so the channel exists. The documentation only states that 404 would be returned if the channel doesn’t exist.

What version of Asterisk are you using?

I’m currently on 16.2.1

That version does not support move. It first became available in 16.3.0.

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But move is in documentation for v13, so how come it’s not available on 16?

New features can be added to versions, so it depends upon what version of 13 you are referring to. Both branches received it at the same time.

Oh, I see… That’s a bit weird, but it’s Asterisk, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised :wink: Looks like I’m gonna have to upgrade then.

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