Aquired Asterisk still figuring it out

I recently aquired asterisk for a PBX at several new locations, I am trying to figure it out. Could use some help or a pointer in the right direction with an issue I have run into.

I have asterisk 1.0.7 I believe, with a TE110 digium card in it. That runs through and Adtran 750.

The problem I have is that 6 mos ago 1 of my locations had 2 lines turned off to save on costs. I quess it took the local phone company up until 2 weeks ago to finally kill the lines. When asterisk dials out a local number, it goes through the adtran using a FXO card. The problem I have it that asterisk was setup to start on bank 0 port 3 then go to port 4 and so on. I need to reconfigure asterisk to start on bank 0 port 2 for local dialing.

Can somebody point me in the right direction?