Apply a SIP template on an LDAP realtime user

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a database of SIP users in an LDAP server.
I don’t want to populate all the fields into the provided LDAP schema individually for each user
but instead I am trying to somehow use a template (or another mechanism for providing defaults)
for those values which are the same across the board.
I am able to specify some of them in the [general] section but unfortunately Asterisk doesn’t
let me specify all the fields that I need (example host=dynamic, etc).
That’s why I am trying to somehow define a template and then apply it to all the realtime
LDAP users coming from the database. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a way of applying a
template to a realtime user.

Is there such a way or an alternative that I could use?

Thank you,
Rumen Telbizov

Consider using perl ?