Append record file of call conferencing with record file of normal call


Hi all
I am trying to implement call conferencing with asterisk. I want to append the conference record file with normal record file which was created before initiating the conference.
Mixmonitor ami action provides an inbuilt option similar to this. Does ConfStartRecord provides a similar facility.

Scenario is explained in detail below

  1. A initiated call with B and record file “sample1.wav” created with Mixmonitor ami action.
  2. Later A initiated call conferencing (with B an C ) and record file “sample2.wav” created with ConfStartRecord ami action.
  3. Is there any option to append sample2.wav with sample1.wav at end of conference call.

Thanks in Advance for the help.



You can do it at the end of the call using SOX tool, just need to track the files name

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I will try that.