App_voicemail. Issue with NOTIFYs


We had a problem with VM NOTIFYs messages. This issue was described in
In Asterisk 13.25 it should be resolved. But after installing Asterisk 13.25 the issue still persist.
We are using chan_sip. Before that we were using Asterisk 13.24. Does anybody have the same problem in v.13.25 ?

Not with Asterisk vs. 13. I ran into a similar problem with PJSIP, but that was due to something I did initially not really understand.

There are “MWI subscriptions” and “unsolicited NOTIFYs”, which one can detect with “pjsip set logger on”, or in your case “sip set debug on”. I think you are using the NOTIFYs, but if you run into a lot of authorization errors, you need to look at the defs in sip.conf.

In my case, I had to use slightly different settings for Snom phones than for Yealink phones, but that might not be relevant for chan_sip.

Anyway, the SIP traces should show when something is out of sync or simply something else is expected.

The problem was related to Asterisk 13 configuration features. We compared our previous with latest configuration and found misconfiguration in extensions section.