App to dial SIP address

Does anyone know of an iOS app that will directly dial a SIP address? I don’t want to connect to a voip provider I just want to connect to my Asterisk server directly and interact.

You can dial to a SIP uri using Xlite and you dont need to register to any SIP server

Sorry, I’m not seeing that App in the store.

XLite isn’t an iOS app, it is a Windows application.

Asterisk can take the VoIP provider role. Are you sure you need the ability to dial arbitrary addresses on the fly?

Incidentally, many open source developers consider Apple Store and open source incompatible, which is likely to mean open source apps aren’t available.

An app called Linphone will work for you. You can use it authenticated/registered or unauthenticated (anonymous). Available for all systems, including iOS through the app store.

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Have you tried Zoiper (i used it while i was studying, but i dont know if it allows you to do the dial as you want with the lite version)

@david551 my OP asked specifically for iOS and said nothing of needing Open Source :slight_smile:
@billsimon this is a great answer and is working great, thank you!
@Diego.Espinoza thank you for the additional answer, I will look into that as well.


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