app_dial.c:1771 wait_for_answer: Unable to write frametype: 2

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Currently I have an asterisk 18.15.1 system in which, I see a warning "[Jun 25 13:05:41] WARNING[19888][C-000624d8]: app_dial.c:1771 wait_for_answer: Unable to write frametype: 2
"which I believe may be associated with a mute calls novelty that I am reporting, currently this is my RTP configuration:
General Settings:

Port start: 5000
Portend: 65535
Checksums: Yes
DTMF Timeout: 1200
Strict RTP: Yes
Probation: 4 frames
Replay Protect: Yes
ICE support: Yes
STUN address:

I appreciate your support in any orientation to verify if these WARNINGS can be corrected

Thank you

So it can’t write audio data. As this is in wait for answer, it will be early media, towards the caller. Going beyond that requires rather more information. A case were I suppose might happen is with Cisco CUCM, which uses late offer SDP, meaning Asterisk wouldn’t know where to end the audio.

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