AOC support for BRI channels


I am trying to pick up AOC (Q.956) events from my telco. I have another pbx where I do get this tariff information, so this supplementary service is enabled by my telco.

chan_dahdi.conf has all relevant parameters set and I can see various FACILITY messages in D-channel traces, but nothing seems to relate to AOC events.

I might have overlooked (the dial out command is essentially: Dial(DAHDI/…/A(d,e))), but it could also be that AOC works only for PRI channels. Any help is appreciated.

My setup is:
CentOS 6.3 64bit, Sangoma B700/HWEC, wanpipe 3.5.28, Asterisk 10.8.0, DAHDI 2.6.1, libpri 1.4.12.