Anyone using a Dlink DI-634M Router?


Anyone successfully using a Dlink DI-634M router out there?

I’ve been using an older Linksys wireless-B/router which has served me fine including adding external extensions with proper port forwarding.

I just installed the Dlink to try it out with all sorts of bad behavior. (And I did upgrade the firmware first thing). I basically copied all my settings from the Linksys. What I ran into, using my Telasip line (SIP) with Asterisk behind NAT (as well as extensions):

When calling from PSTN->telasip->Asterisk

one way sound from Asterisk=>calling party if no SIP ports (5060-5080) forwarded nor RTP ports forwarded (10000-30000). No sound either direction when RTP ports forwarded.

When calling from Asterisk->telasip->PSTN
one way sound from Asterisk=>called party regardless of port forwarding.

On my Linksys it doesn’t matter whether I have the ports forwarded or not (for SIP) in this scenario. (And I need them forwarded for external extensions to get inside which is why I have them that way)

So … any comments on this before I drop it back off to Compusa tomorrow and maybe give a newer Linksys a shot? (Or similar experience on one of the other Dlink routers?)



I guess not a lot of takers. Here’s my update:

I dumped the DI-634M and purchased a ZyXEL X-550. So far so good, seems to have a much better NAT implementation. (you need to disable the ALG: SIP setting though - but it says you might in the manual/help).