Anyone here gone to Digiums bootcamp?

I was out in Phoenix for their asterisk admin training in Februaray, but am looking at possibly doing the weeklong bootcamp when it comes to KC in September.

I was curious if anyone had been to the bootcamp and what their impressions were…

Thanks in advance.


I attended the Edvina sponsored bootcamp in NJ. I had been working w/ asterisk for a couple of months before, and found it EXTREMELY helpful. It was good to see how it’s supposed to be done. It filled in a lot of holes in my knowledge (practical and theoretical). got a lot of hands on which was good, and I met alot of people there who were doing similar things. I still keep in contact w/ some of them for when I have questions, and vice versa. If you have been at it a long time, I don’t know how useful it’ll be, but if you’re under a year’s experience, you’ll probably learn a lot and make some good contacts.

My only negatives were being in Edison,NJ, and Olle playing ABBA the whole time :wink:


lol at your signature…

I’ve been playing with Asterisk for ALMOST a year now, and am pretty good at dialplans and figuring that stuff out, but my telco skills are horrid - i pretty much only know the basics and enough to get an * box connected to the PSTN.

I think I would definitely learn more, but as the company has already sent me out on one conference, I’m not sure they would want to send me to another unless I was sure to benefit from it…hence my post.

Thanks for the input!