Any way to set callerid delay on only a few ports?

I have a system with a Sangoma A200 with 8 FXO ports, and only one of the lines has caller id. Is there any way to configure zaptel to only wait for caller id on one port, or will it have to be all or nothing? I’d like to not have the two ring delay on the other lines.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


channel definitions in zapata.conf work from the top down, and a “channel => x” line will inherit the settings above it. so define your settings without CID and set the channels that have no CID, then make the changes for CID and finally define your last CID-enabled line. e.g. [channels] context=incoming-pots setting=value setting2=value channel => 1 ;channel 1 gets the settings above setting=newvalue setting2=newvalue channel => 2 ;channel 2 get the new values

does that make sense ?

Perfect, thanks!