Any help on how to link two sites

Please can get help on how to link my head office and our factory through a trunk to enable us called from our extension lines to both sites?

Thank you.

Is this with SIP?

Configure the other site as though it were a service provider, with no registration, and with either no password, or the same password, on each side. include the other site in your trusted, internal context.

Route to the remote extensions as though they they were PSTN numbers accessed via the other site, as a service provider.

Preferably use a VPN,for security, and to avoid hassle with NAT.

If there is PSTN breakout at both sites, and direct in dialing, define the full PSTN numbers of the remote extnesions to translate to just their extension numbers.

AM using Yeastar TG 400 VoIP gateway devices at both site

The Yeastar’s have a ‘Multisite Interconnect’ portion of their GUI, I recommend you look there.

The Yeastar’s are not running vanilla Asterisk, You will likely get better results asking for support on their community forum or by emailing their support staff.

If this is the device you re using this is GSM gateway it will allows you only to connect to the GSM network, if you want to link office you will need to use Asterisk

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