Any body used MONOTONE?

Is there anybody here can me an example which use “Monotone”? I have tried the example on the “grundy’s website”, but doesnt work at all. Need a clue asap.

What do you wanna know?

I am using monotone as basis for my fastAGI server.
Works very nicely.

Thanks for your reply.

I tried to use fastagi as:(in extensions.conf)


and in /var/www/html/hello.agi

I map hello.agi to hello.exe(which a compiled C# code using monotone)
in fastagi-mapping.properites

hello.agi = hello.exe

then I try to dial 6000 use my IP phone. On the asterisk cli screen.
Connection refused error. I have given the full permit to the program,
what else I missed , please advise.

Many thanks and best regards

Well, I guess you need to understand how this AGI thing works first.

When the extension 6000 (in your example) is dialed then Asterisk will open a TCP connection to port 4573 on the IP address you have given.
Now there needs to be a TCP server listening to those requests. Monotone does NOT do that for you. Once you have established the connection then you can useMonotone to decode the information Asterisk sends you and you can also use it to control the call by sending AGI commands via Monotone.
The Monotone implementation is blocking so once you send a command it will come back when either it’s done or some other event like a timeout or error happend. You will get those results from the individual Monotone methods. Some will return a string and some will also return information into the “out” parameters you have supplied in the method call.

Hope that brings some light into the situation for you.

I have written a port of MONOTONE to a Delphi/Freepascal class object if anyone is interested. Haven’t been able to test it yet though… :wink: