Anway to kill open calls (still showing active)?

This is my first post here, I hope I’m not posting this in the wrong spot. It looks like the highest traffic area anyway. :wink:

I’ve been searching for hours and I must be looking for the wrong thing. We are using extensive dialplans for IVR applications. Out of the 2000-3000 calls we get per day, about 10 calls show still active. Some of them have been open for as long as 5 hours. They were tests from my cell phone so I know they aren’t real.

Oddly enough, most of them are from an Asterisk PBX we also have.

Mostly I’m looking for a way to manually terminate a call from the call ID.

I’d also be interested in any suggestions on how to prevent this from occuring or methods of “self cleaning.” Setting a maximum call length for example would be good. Anyone know how?

Thanks in advance.

Soft hangup in CLI kills by call ID - sometimes hard to grab the complete call ID. To limit total length of call, use L flag in Dial(). But you may want to troubleshoot your dial plan to really get rid of never-ending calls.