Answering a call from a PC?

I am wondering if there’s some way to basically use software on a pc other than skype etc. to answer an incomming call from *

Basically, when a person calls X number, they get put on hold until I pickup on the line, and say “hello”. At which time I will be speaking on a headset.

Virtually, replacing one end of the SkypeOut type of system, I think they have SkypeIn now… anyway…

Any possibilities or recommendations of reading on software available that can do something remotely like this? :smiley:

One way to do it is put all incoming calls to * in a call queue. Then put Xlite softphone on your pc. Make the xlite softphone a static agent. Callers hear music on hold, your phone rings - until you pick up.

Not sure what you mean by remote. However, if you open up your router to the right port, you can point a remote Xlite extension to your router.