Answer call with speed dial

I have SPI phones with speed dial buttons and a door intercom.
Right now when someone rings the door bell, the phone ring, i have to pick up and dial #7 to open the door.
Is there a way to execute “answer, dial #7 and hang up” by calling an extension (that i can map to my speed dial button)?

That sounds more like a question about the phone than about Asterisk!

However, if the phone will allow a second line call without losing the incoming call, you could have dialplan that pick up the incoming call and then dial #7.

How can i do that? Can i use Answer() or do i need PickUp()?

I think you would want to do channel redirect, an the redirected target dialplan could then to Answer and SendDTMF.

I suspect you need a tighter specification, though. I’m assuming that the receiving phone never needs to be answered.

Yes, the ringing phone should just indicate someone at the door. I just want to use the speed dial button as door opener, so asterisk can answer the call in the back.

If is only ring the phone as notification, make a dial with a specific time out this could work

same => n,Dial(PJSIP/alice,15)

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