Announcing an Asterisk-based platform for telephony apps

Hi everybody,

This is an announcement for developers and users of Asterisk.

TELTUB is launching am open platform for the development, hosting and marketing of telephony applications. Whether you want to develop an app and offer it to the public or you have a project to work on for your client, TELTUB can help you build it fast and free. The development time on TELTUB is at least 80% less than the development on the bare-bone Asterisk. This saving is even more significant when you are performing non-telephony functions like cross layer communications (web - telephony) and third party integrations.

The platform offers a Python interface that simplifies many of the complex concepts such as scalability, reliability, channel handling and tracking, state preservation, billing, third party integrations, AMI & AGI handling and many more.

Here is what you get when you develop your apps on TELTUB:
[li]Flexible billing system for whoever is using your app. It can be form monthly flat charges to pay per use mathemtical functions. You just set it in your app and it just works!
[li]A TELTUB telephony app consists of one piece of code. It is a simple Python class that handles different sections of a call. You don’t need to deal with extensions or develop any AGI/AMI modules. It is all available through simple interfaces in Python. Your app can also have a web module if it needs to. It’s all integrated.
[li]TELTUB is built for scalability. No matter how many users you app will have the platform can handle it. It automatically scales to your needs. We guarantee 99.999% availability for your apps regardless of the number of users.
[li]TELTUB gives you a simple interface to allow your app to communicate with Social platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc). If your users are also the users of these platforms you can get their info and/or publish to their feeds. This is done seamlessly from your app just by issuing appropriate functions within your app. In other words, your app does not have to talk to each of these platforms individually.
[li]Your app can send/receive events to the web in realtime. Let’s say your app is offering a web interface for your users. The telephony component of your app can send/receive events from the web component and vice-versa. This facilitates the implementation of Web 2.0 functions for your users that gives them a unified telephony-web experience. You can simply allow users to manage their active calls from the web from within your app or trigger a web event from the telephony layer.
[li]Security: The platform is in compliance with most of the regulatory standards (such as PCI) so that you can develop your sensitive telephony apps. The platform handles the majority of your app’s security so that you can just focus on the code.
[li]The platform is responsible to manage authentication and authorization for the users of your app. The platform authenticates your business/consumer users (via TELTUB’s authentication system or other plugins (e.g. LDAP)). Your app does not need to worry about the authentication and you can be sure that your app will only be executed if the user requesting access is a legitimate user.
[li]If you are developing your app for a particular client, you can simply make it only available to them via TELTUB. However, if your app has more audience than just one you can offer it in the TELTUB app market. TELTUB users can simply drag and drop your app into their phone plan. The payments from your users will be deposited to your account and you can start your own business right from TELTUB.
[li]The platform is free for both users and developers. Users only pay for the paid apps and paid DIDs and developers only pay when/if their app ‘makes’ calls to the PSTN network through the platform resources(gateways). Developers can bring their own gateways to make calls in which case there won’t be any charges. Developers receive %85 of the revenue generated by the users of their app. In other words, if the app is free and is not using any telephony gateway from TELTUB, the developer will not be charged.[/li][/ul]

We want to ensure that you guys like the platform :smile:

We need to know what you think about the features and if there is anything that you would like to see in the first release of features. Also, we want you to have a look around the user interface to get a feel of the user environment so that we can benefit from your feedbacks.

The user interface of the platform is now accepting users by invitation only. We value the feedback from the developer community (at the end of the day we are developers ourselves). We would like to invite you guys to try it out. You can request an invitation by visiting:

and send us an email to ( to receive your invitation fast. Please let us know if you have any feedback for the developer feature set and the user interface. TELTUB offers a $15 credit over 3 months so that you can try out different apps that have been developed by TELTUB using the same interface.

Farid Fadaie