[Announcement] ldap2pbx

Is a reuse of info from a ldap directory important to leverage the day2day operation in your organisation ?

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I proud to announce that the ldap2pbx project has released it’s code under the gpl license.

The project is available at ldap2pbx.sf.net.

ldap2pbx’s scoop is to reuse the information from ldap (MS Active Directory) and reuse it to create asterisk configuration files.

ldap2pbx is coded in Perl and doesn’t need any changes in the ldap schema to work

Kind regards

Great work Mats, I would love to test it out.
I am not able to read the manual that you have provided.
Could you please let me know if you have it hosted somewhere? or could you please guide me with setting it up?
I understand that if the ipPhone field in the active directory is filled up, the script will generate the config files for asterisk, What input does it require, other than the active directory?
I have the active directory setup and am able to query using ldap. I have installed ldap2pbx and have setup the output directories. Please help me on how to proceed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks