Announce problem


We faced with one problem, i will try to explain the case:

Our outbound calling system works via Asterisk. Whn i try to call ti turned off mobile number i can’t hear any information about this number is not working, it look like the number is active and no body answer but in actually this number is turned off. When i call directly from my router i don’t have any problem. My outbound call-center scheme looks like this: Cisco ip phone - CUCM - Asterisk - Cisco router-E1(T1)-mobile service provider.

Hope i can explain to you my problem. Will be glad to get any help from you.
Thanks in advance.

This is an early media problem. Please provide more information about your network, for specific help, but for SIP, you need to call Progress before Dial if you want early media passed through. There is also a progressinband option that might need investigating.