Android Phone does not show CLI

I am using asterisk 1.4.35. I have a sangoma a104 card installed. Whenever I make a call out via DAHDI to an IPhone or Blackberry Handset, I can see the CLI. But on android, it for some reason shows the CLI as unknown.

Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix the issue?


At a guess, the network is, correctly, marking the CLI as unscreened, and the application on the Android isn’t prepared to trust unscreened CLI. Maybe you can reconfigure it to accept unscreened numbers?

I have tested with serveral handsets and it seems to be occuring on some android phones, not all.

Is there anyway in asterisk for us to set the CLI in the correct format ? so it does not show up as unscreened.

I have done some tests and at the moment it seems to be happening only during sip translation on to dahdi.

I have made a test where the call comes in via dahdi and then gets sent back out via dahdi as well. This works fine.

But If i originate the call from within the asterisk, from a sip client, then I do not see the CLI.

If the issue is screening, that is a question for your network operator. Marking the number as unscreened is an anti-fraud measure, and the network operator should only remove the mark if the number you are presenting is one that they have verified to belong to you.

Another possibility is that the Android cannot accept all type of number formats. In that case you will have to set CALLERID(ton) and set a caller ID in the corresponding format. Typical types of number are international (starts with country code, but has no international access code), national (starts with national number group code, but has no trunk prefix digit(s)), or unknown (anything goes, likely to include all prefix digits. and can start with local area code).