Android and asterisk

I wonder if anyone has any experience seting up sip client on android phone. I setup 3CX and it registers and I can make calls but there is no sound. What is best client for android, settings.

I have been successfully to create communication between two android client, I use SIPDroid for sip client.
the code statement for setting asterisk with SiPDroid can you access in here : … -sipdroid/
it’s run.

good luck

If you don’t have an allergy to paying for a SIP client, the folks over at Counterpath also have a Android product.

Info here:

Tried several and the best by far is CSipSimple. It’s free and open source.

Make sure and set your Asterisk server’s realm to the sip server name.

“Gingerbread’s native SIP client has a strict implementation of digest authentication which is used to authenticate your out bound call. The problem is by default Asterisk uses the authentication realm of ‘asterisk’.” (

In the event that the above link disappears at any point, I’ll put the resolution here.

Set the “realm” option in sip.conf equal to the domain that you’re servicing with Asterisk. Otherwise, Asterisk will assume a realm of “asterisk” and Gingerbread won’t be happy.