AMP / No "Maintenance" button


I’m in charge of two Asterisk servers.

One of these servers is running an Asterisk@Home version under CentOS, the other one is running Debian Sarge. The Asterisk software on the Debian server has been installed by me using this howto:

On both servers, the AMP version is 1.10.010. However, the Asterisk@Home-AMP does have a “Maintenance” button which is missing on my Debian machine. To be more precise, the entire “maint” directory (/var/www/html/maint) is missing on my Debian machine.

Which component do I have to install in order to get the "Maintenance"


I’m having the same problem.

I backuped a 2.4 @home and restored it to 2.8.

After the restore the maint directory was missing.

I’m installed another copy to play will but…

Re run ./install_amp

Seems to fix it.

There is no Maintenance tab in AMP/freePBX: That’s an Asterisk@Home specific add-on.