AMI Setvar Help

Hi There,

I’ve written a program which reads AMI events to monitor realtime status of our call centre. With this I also listen for certain events to trigger other functionality to integrate with our call centre CRM.

One of the events I listen for is the ‘Bridge’ event which works for me to beable to trigger when we begin our call recording so we only record the call when it is bridged. This is all working fine, we name the file with the date and time of the call and to keep a note of the recrding file name to store for our CRM we set a ‘User Defined’ CDR variable with this value again at the point the call is bridged.

However my issue is that the Setvar action we use to set our user defined CDR variable only works on an inbound call but not when we originate a call. There are another couple of user defined CDR variables that we set at the point of originating a call which seem to set ok.

Is there a point that the call reaches where we can no longer set CDR variables or is there something else I could be missing?

Thanks for any pointers.


Vicibox 5 64bit from .iso | Vicidial 2.8-416a | Build 131016-2112 | Asterisk | Single Server

You might want to log it to a separate file using a specific AMI command - like e.g… the queue_log - or storing it to a database directly from the monitoring app.