AMI events

how can I capture the events messages that AMI send to a database?

these messages are send to the standard output from where I login to the AMI using telnet

Action: login
Username: admin
secret: secret

Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted

I want to capture the above messages to a db

try … [its free open source] you do not have to use the whole GUI thing but it does come with a script to run to catch the events and throw them into a mysql database that should get you started.

I tried the events monitor,it is easy to install and use,but it does not serve my purpose because I want to use some logic depending on the result of the vents.


Display - No answer

if the vent shows that there is no answer.

I looked at the code but I dont understand Python so it is difficult for me.

Is there any other way I can capture events?