AMI error - "Client from [some host] failed to authenticate"

I have a framework I’ve built around the Asterisk Manager Interface. It works great, but I’ve recently had to migrate my this framework to a different box. The other box that hosts Asterisk/Manager has not changed or moved at all. Also I added the new box’ IP address to manager.conf and reloaded the manager. But now the AMI login is broken.


  • do login as a challenge/response
  • same exact method is used to log in to AMI as before, where it worked peerlessly
  • added new IP address to manager.conf and reloaded
  • login to AMI via TCP sockets fails
  • user and password have been triple checked – they are correct

Errors from login failure:

  • Client from [some host] failed to authenticate in 30 seconds
  • Connect attempt from [some host] unable to authenticate.
  • these are received back to back

Does anyone know of all cases that cause this authentication error? If I know all cases that cause the problem hopefully I can eliminate them one by one. Thanks!

I solved this problem. Apparently what happened was that there were two entries in the host whitelist in manager.conf for my user. For whatever reason, if you have a redundant entries it badly confuses AMI.