AMI custom object property


Curently I am working on Astresik 16 and I am developing a Click 2 call application using AMI and below is the response I am getting for a particular event.

So is it possible to have a custom object property which should be in every event or may be we can update the existing one?

Example of an event:

AmiEvent {
variables: {},
event: ‘Newexten’,
privilege: ‘dialplan,all’,
channel: ‘SIP/clicktocall-000eff7f’,
channelstate: ‘6’,
channelstatedesc: ‘Up’,
calleridnum: ‘91XXXXXXXXXX’,
calleridname: ‘’,
connectedlinenum: ‘91XXXXXXXXXX’,
connectedlinename: ‘’,
language: ‘en’,
accountcode: ‘’,
context: ‘Click2CallAPI’,
exten: ‘91XXXXXXXXXX’,
priority: ‘2’,
uniqueid: ‘1575547254.7505280’,
linkedid: ‘1575547254.7505280’,
extension: ‘91XXXXXXXXXX’,
application: ‘Set’,
appdata: ‘CDR(cc_caller)=’,
[ ‘Event: Newexten’,
‘Privilege: dialplan,all’,
‘Channel: SIP/clicktocall-000eff7f’,
‘ChannelState: 6’,
‘ChannelStateDesc: Up’,
‘CallerIDNum: 91XXXXXXXXXX’,
'CallerIDName: ',
‘ConnectedLineNum: 91XXXXXXXXXX’,
'ConnectedLineName: ',
‘Language: en’,
'AccountCode: ',
‘Context: Click2CallAPI’,
‘Exten: 91XXXXXXXXXX’,
‘Priority: 2’,
‘Uniqueid: 1575547254.7505280’,
‘Linkedid: 1575547254.7505280’,
‘Extension: 91XXXXXXXXXX’,
‘Application: Set’,
‘AppData: CDR(cc_caller)=’ ] }

Any object model for AMI is implemented by the language binding. The only objects in Asterisk commonly referenced in AMI are channels, and you already have the Uniqueid as the object identifier for those.

The only other object like item is the Action itself, for which the Action ID is the identifier.

I think you need to provide more details of what you are trying to do and why, including examples of a possible implementation of your object identifiers.

Thanks David, Unique Id solved my purpose as we have binded the Uniqueid with the socket id for each tab so that each customer can use click 2 call and get response accordingly…

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