[AMI] Create SIP category with templates

Using Asterisk 12.6.0 I tried to create a new category in sip.conf with template using AMI Manager actions to obtain following category :

secret = mypassword

I send the following command through AMI manager interface :

Action = UpdateConfig
SrcFilename = sip.conf
DstFilename = sip.conf
Reload = Yes
Action-000000 = NewCat
Cat-000000 = user
Options-000000 = inherit="my-template"
Action-000001 = Append
Cat-000001 = user
Var-000001 = secret
Value-000001 = mypassword

My category is created this way :

secret = mypassword

but without template inheritance. I followed these instructions : wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … dateConfig

Maybe I’m wrong with Options usage ?