AMI confference asterisk 18


My first post here , very new to Asterisk but not coding so just need some pointers

i have lots of questions but will try and limit them as much as i can.

What i need to do is this:

  1. Caller A calls the call centre
  2. Agent B picks up the call , puts Caller A on hold
  3. Agent B calls - Person C - asks if he is available to take this call (there is authorisation via a web interface Agent B has to do )
  4. Agent B , links up Caller A and Person C onto a call .
  5. If Agent B hangs up the call between A and C continues.
  6. If possible others can join the call between A and C

So in my mind the best way to do this is via a Conference Call and put both A and C into it and then others can join it too.

Hey Munish,

Looks like an attended transfer…

No need to use conference, unless you always want to have the option to add others to the call…

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