AMI Call Lifecycle

Is there anywhere that I can see an explanation of a call’s lifecycle? This would show the AMI events in a typical call and explain how it progresses from one part of Asterisk to another.

I want to find something like this because I am trying to do two things:

  • Do some work in my application when an incoming call is answered and I need the extension, dialled number, and Caller ID.
  • Track the activity of each extension so I can display which extensions are on a call, ringing, idle, or in wrap.

I have been running calls through Asterisk and logging all the events out to try to pick them apart by hand but there is so much information that I’m finding this very difficult. It looks like the information I need is a spread across many different events so a clear diagram of the call lifecycle would be of great help.

Extensions don’t have state. You probably mean devices.

Asterisk only provides limited tracking of the state of local SIP peers and doesn’t track beyond the first proxy or PABX.

Tracking of peers is done in the channel technology module, and can be different from technology to technology, although there is now a common device state reporting mechanism. See

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