AMI binds to random port on FreeBSD

Hi friends!

I try to research net/asterisk13, and setup it.
I have not change any configs except manager.conf.
enabled = yes
port = 5038
bindaddr =

read = system,call,log,verbose,agent,user,config,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan
write = system,call,agent,user,config,command,reporting,originate,message

after that I start asterisk service, and check if it listen on AMI port:
netstat -an | grep LISTEN
tcp4 0 0 *.* LISTEN

I check that port with telnet and that is AMI port:
telnet 25190
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Asterisk Call Manager/1.3

And I can authorize in telnet session with credentials from manager.conf

One interesting moment is when I restart asterisk service, AMI port which it listen on are randomly changed! Every restart of service.

I create bug report on asterisk bugzilla: BUG-26357

I check that on 2 setups. One on FreeBSD 11-STABLE amd64 and on jailed 10.3-STABLE amd64
Also I trying to install net/asterisk11, it has that problem too.

What’s wrong with asterisk?