AMI action Park is reported unknown

Action Park in AMI returns Invalid/unknown command
Park is described in documentation of version 13 and 14

In Asterisk show commands does not show Park at least in 13.7.2, but is present and works in 13.2.0
The issue might come up in any version before 13.7.2 - we did not tested all intermediate versions after 13.2.0

I was not able to find any announcement that this was removed.

What is the reason of such response?
Is there any replacement action or workaround?

try one theses command and verify if park is present

asterisk -rx " manager show commands " | grep -i park
asterisk -rx " manager show command park"

Sorry, in my post I missed the manager part of the command.

So, manager show commands does not return the Park command.
It seems like Park does not exist anymore.
BUT, it is still present in the V14 docs as you can see on below link:

So, nobody here knows if/why/when Park was removed from the AMI interface?

If it has been, the information should be the change logs and, as it requires users to change code, in the upgrade.txt files.

(I’m working with a pre-GIT version of Asterisk, so I don’t have a need to remember how to access recent source code quickly.)

I’ve got Park listed in my 13.12.0 compile.

Did you enable parking when you did your make menuselect?

is loaded?

Thanks for the hint, John

I did some experiments with it at the time.
I’ll try to make a clean install and try from scratch.

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As of below I think the module is loaded and running:

*CLI> module show like par
Module            Description              Use Count  Status      Support Level    Call Parking Resource    0          Running     core
1 modules loaded

And this is a 13.2.0 install. Not a 14+ as I supposed at the begining.
There must be some setting.
Where to look next?

After a new full re-install parking works correctly.

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