America to Spain connection solution... HELP

Hi all,
i’m a new user in this forum and i’m working with Asterisk from 1 year and i have not much experience for a little project to develope…

The project consist to route all incoming call from At&t to SPAIN with a Asterisk System between 2 servers , to create a economic system calls.

For example all people can call to this number “1-800xxxxx” and speak with a people in Spain where is located a server with will be connected on an analogical line.

AT&T (voip pstn to voip routing calls ) <—> Asterisk (USA server) <—> Asterisk (Spain server) <—> Spain provider analogical line

I have a little doubt … i know to use directly network interface card on american server, because AT&T can convert normal calls to voip to my server, but in Spain dosen’t exists this type of service and i must connect the other server to an analogical line.

What i need exactly?
I know that to establish a connection between two asterisk i need only of IAX protocol , and it seems simply; but on the server in USA i need only a network card and an asterisk system?
And in the Spanish server i need only a hardware analogical card like TDM410 to route all incoming call from America to SPAIN?

Thanks for the support. :smile:

For general background information, I suggest you read this book: It will give you a good overview of what you can do.

For the specifics, it depends… In the US, I assume from what you say that your 800 number is provided by AT&T? I wasn’t aware that AT&T would provide a VoIP DID (direct inward dialing) service but if they do, fine. Otherwise you will need to find a DID service provider. There is a list here but it is not necessarily complete or up to date - try Google as well. You then need to route calls to your Asterisk server in Spain, which could be over IAX, or SIP.

On the Spanish side, it depends on who you want to call. If all the dialed extensions were internal, you could route the calls without an external provider. Otherwise you need to do the reverse of the US set-up - find a provider who will route outgoing calls to the PSTN (there are certainly many, as Google search should reveal.) Alternatively, you need to get interface cards to connect analogue lines to the PSTN. Which is better would depend on your call volume and frequency, and what kind of services are available from SIP providers in Spain.

Hope that helps

Ok, it was more or less in my idea.
Yes, i’ll buy this book , it will be useful for me :wink:

Thank a lot for yours useful suggests.