AMD Problem / MySQL Connection Delay

Please Help!

Here is an overview of the issue. I am not an Asterisk savy person and only have a simplistic knowledge of the system. I read the Asterisk book… that’s about as much as I know. I hired an “asterisk developer” company to build the application and after almost a year they handed me a 50% product (supposed to be a 6 week - 100% project). This whole Asterisk experience has not went well. Please let me know if you can help! Hopefully there is someone out there that can save the day for us.

Background -

Production Server – Server is configured to allow administrator to upload, via web site, a call list, voice file and configure “call campaignsâ€

What is the purpose of the database lookup? It is something that can be set in a channel variable prior to initiating the call? Or if not, can it be done in FastAGI so the database connection is always up/cached?

It is my understanding that the system “connects” to the database to log whether or not it is a machine or human. I believe it makes the call, when it is answered it then makes a database connection to log what is happening? I am not entirely sure though. I wish I had a better answer.