Amd module asterisk use a lot of cpu

We are face some troubles with cpu usage while we make approximately 100 calls per second using the AMD module, the cpu use increases little by little and then crashes, restarting the machine. we are using the default amd config parameters, there are some changes that can make the cpu stable.

Without the amd module we can achieve the same result of calls per second without too much cpu usage.

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If someone can explain how the amd modules works it would be great thanks

360,000 busy hour all attempts is the sort of figure you would expect for public exchange, not a PABX. AMD is doing at least some level of digital signal processing. It’s actually relatively crude, otherwise the CPU load would be even higher. There may also be a transcode to linear in front of, it, which, depending on the codec could be expensive.

However, unless you can convince me that this is a sort of call I wouldn’t just let the answering machine screen out, I’m not sure I’[m going to be very sympathetic.

Being open source the code is available[1]. It has comments that state what it is doing generally, and it does transcode into signed linear to operate.

[1] asterisk/app_amd.c at 20 · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

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