All Calls Hangup at Random Time Interval

There’s this error message received from the SIP Trunk Provider: ‘CSCF released the session because of USER DEREGISTRATION’ and random time during a call and call drops. I’ve been beating my head for the last week with this and I cannot get it to work. What might be the issue?

High packet loss causing a re-registration to fail, although that wouldn’t technically be a de-registration.

However, this sounds like a misuse of registration. Registration says where to send incoming calls. It says nothing about the right to make outgoing calls, or the address to be used for signalling once the call has been accepted.

To get closer to confirming this, we would need the protocol logs (use “pjsip set logger on”, assuming your installation is up to date).

CSCF looks like it may mean they are using Dialogic brand hardware.

Which provider? (So that people can avoid them.)

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I’m in the same line of thought as David, once the call has been established, there is no need to use the IP of the registration request, as the signaling IP was established during the SDP negotiation. I suspect that this problem is that calls are dropping due to a network issue.

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