AlarmReciever 20484 update

I upgraded to Asterisk 10 and realize now the alarmreceiver module is broken. I have the same issue identified in the link below - Asterisk 20484. The good news is the bug has already been fixed.

Any idea how long it normally takes from when a bug is corrected to when it will show up in a patch or update? Or how i can put the fix into my system manually now?

The bug and fix is identified here:

Thanks everyone !!!

The issue tracker report says that there is already a patch. I only read it quickly, but it definitely says the SVN trunk version has been updated, which means you can do an SVN diff to obtain the patch against the trunk. You may have to back port it.

Also there are various attempted patch files attached to the report. I didn’t read it carefully enough to see if they include the final version.

Thanks for the response. Not sure how to do everything you stated. I have asterisk running for my residence and home office. I can add trunks, extensions, edit files etc but when it comes to adding patches, svn stuff i’m totally lost. My systems has been chugging along using 1.4 for years. Figured i’d update to get onto a supported version and get some additional features. I’m going to drop the old hard drive back in the pc with 1.4 until the 1.10 is more mature and i can update the modules through freepbx. Can you give me an idea as to how long it typically takes for a finished patch to show up in a module so freepbx can update?

I have everything working in 1.10 with the exception of the alarmreceiver module which i need.


Assuming you have built from source, you use the patch utility to read the difference file, and apply it to the source, then rebuild. You may need to adjust the p parameter, depending on in which directory diff was run. Further details from man patch or info patch.

To get the difference from the svn trunk, you run:

svn diff -c99999

where 99999 is the revision number of the change.

Normally the revision number would be included in the bug report, and, at least historically, a link to a web interface to SVN included. That doesn’t seem to have happened here, so you would have to run:

svn log … receiver…. and search for the relevant change.

Also, why does your original posting contain two complete copies. That is rather common these days, for some reason.

You can also use svn log on the branch or tag versions, to see whether the fix has been included in those.

I really need help here. I am completely new to applying patches etc and hopefully someone can really walk me through this. I have been working on this all afternoon and can not for the life of me figure this out.

I am running 10.10 and don’t understand how to apply the diff files as you described. The fix is below:

Your help here is GREATLY appreciated as I am at a loss.

Thanks … dtmf.2996/

(Found by googling “how to patch asterisk”.)

I had already found that page. The latest freepbx dist includes asterisk 10.10. There is no /usr/src/asterisk directory. Also there is no app_alarmreceiver.c file only a .so

How and where do I apply the diff file and to what file. There are 2 diffs in the link below. Not sure what to do here

That is one of the penalties for using a packaged, GUI based systems. If you want that patch included, you either have to revert to a source build, although you may still be able to use the FreePBX dailplans, or you have to wait for the packager to catch up.

These are issues you should take up on a FreePBX forum. I don’t think they are within the scope of the FreePBX forum on this board. They are definitely not within the scope of this forum.

I missed your first reference to FreePBX, and was going on your original request for a patch. If you had mentioned FreePBX from the start, I might have realised you couldn’t cope with a patch. (Microsoft use patch rather differently from its original meaning, as they replace whole modules. A patch is a sticking plaster approach. The microsoft way is more like a transplant.)

The particular change you reference looks like it will not appear in a released version until Asterisk 12. Also, it is not useful without the changes in ASTERISK-20157, as it is a correction to those changes. Asterisk-20157 is recorded as an “improvement”, not a bug fix.

I believe that alarmreceiver is a community supported module, so updates are less predictable than for core modules. However the fact that it is only in trunk could be:

  • an oversight by its maintainer;
  • because ASTERISK-20157 is not recorded as a bug fix, it will not be eligible for applying to released versions, and the possibility of it actually containing bug fixes as well was overlooked, or they could not be separated from the other changes;
  • the maintainer didn’t have the resources to deal with the back porting.

Especially if it is community supported, you need to take this up with the maintainer. However, as your issue is recorded as a regression in the changes for an unreleased issue (i.e the released version should not have the bug that it fixes), it is likely that you have incorrectly identified the fix that for your problem.

The patchs from trunk can definitely be applied at least to Asterisk 11 - I’ve already tested this. I can setup a vm and test it on Asterisk 10, but I might take a while (quite busy right now).

I’ll ask on IRC on how to proceed on commiting all those changes to 11 and 10.

Awesome thanks !!!

I have resolved this issue and now have the alarmreceiver module operational. There are major problems with alarmreceiver and/or dtmf recognition in Asterisk 10 and 11 that stopped the module from working for me. I am now running Asterisk 8.18.0 without any issues. No changes required.

I wrote up a detailed procedure that outlines how to get the module working, log an event, translate the event into english (ex. Foyer Motion) and send out an instant email.

The procedure can be viewed at: