Agiexec and agisync relate problem


We are using asterisk 11.1

When i send GET DATA or FILE STREAM to server, they works with agiExecEvent and results return with agiSyncEvent.
ExecEvents keep inside commandID and we seperate FILE STREAM and GET DATA(vsvs)
but we can’t seperate results cause is it comes with agiSyncEvent and it doesn’t contains unique id or some property.So we can’t obtain results clearly and dont know which result is belong to file stream or get data.
here is my questions.
does asterisk need to patch for relation ?
if not.
how can we relate to agiExecEvent and agiSyncEvent…
if it’s not possible,
what can we do obtain results clearly from different process ? which method , which technique ?

annotation : We capture the datas from wireshark