AgetConnected event with forwarding

Hello! I would like ask you some uncommon thing.

If I make call from 9997 SIP number to QUEUE number, phone with number 9995 get AgentCalled event. Till now everything is ok. But if agent with number 9995 without taking a call make a call forwad to number 9999, and last one takes the call, Asterisk gives event AgentConnected with MemberName: 9995.

So if agent_1 make queue call forward to any another number (agent_2, for example, and it event is not member of any queue) and this agent_2 takes the call, agent_1 get “AgentConnected” event and after discuss (agent_2 was talking) agent_1 get event “AgentConnected” and will go to “Wrapuptime”.

In my opinion this is wrong behaviour. Is there a way change this? This behaviour should be ok if agent_1 take the call and THEN make a transfer (blinded/attended), but not with forwarding queue call.

From the perspective of the queue that is the queue member that was connected even if the call was forwarded elsewhere. Since the concept of a member is only within app_queue there would be nothing else you could put there for a member.

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