Agents stuck as online


Im having problems with agents getting stuck as online when they are actually offline. There is also stated in channels that the agentlogin channels is still up, but ofcourse it cant be as the agent has gone offline. Any thoughts?

By online are you referring to logged in or that they are on a call?

logged in!

How are you having your agents log in? via an extension they dial, then log into? Can you post that context please? also how are you having them log out? via a context as well? can you post that also if so?

they login by calling agentlogin extension. logout by hangup. But sometimes the get stuck as logged in probably if they kill application or if internet goes down.

If that is the case, then i recommend making them manually log out by dialing an extension. What i did in my environment is which receives call between 8am -5pm is schedule a script to run at 5pm that logs all the agents off.

alright ,thanks for your input!