Hi guys, I’ll cut straight to the chase.

What’s wrong with the following? I don’t doubt I’m doing something blatantly wrong!

For the sake of testing, I’m extension/agent 1002. Where ‘status’, any item I use (status/password/exten/etc) just returns nothing.

Also tried the following just to double check…

Misplaced “)”.

Oops! Thanks.
Fixed misplaced “)”, but still have same problem.

Even copy/pasted an example to make sure there’s no more typos. :blush:

Just to double check - the status is set automatically, right? It would seem silly if one had to set it manually… I can find only little documentation unfortunately.

Double edit!: Just realised, that can’t be the case (surely?!), as the other items wouldn’t be known…

Hi guys and girls. Sorry to bump the thread, but I’m getting rather desperate now!

Anybody able to shove me in the right direction?