After native bridging

How do I configure asterisk to asterisk hangups Dahdi/1-1 immediately after native bridging?
Executing [0@menu:1] Dial(“DAHDI/1-1”, “DAHDI/3/5839”) in new stack
– Called 3/5839
– DAHDI/3-1 answered DAHDI/1-1
– Native bridging DAHDI/1-1 and DAHDI/3-1
first,Caller called Dahdi/1-1 number, then,if the caller presses 1 asterisk Dials 5839 number through Dahdi/3-1 and now dahdi/3-1 and 5839 number should be busy NOT Dahdi/1-1.Is it true? But Dahdi/3-1 remains busy therefore 3 numbers are busy simultaneously.
I’d appreciate any help.

Your question doesn’t make sense. If you hang up the calling line the moment is connected, why connect it in the first place. Also DAHDI/3/5839 is the outgoing Asterisk channel, certainly not just 5839. The outgoing device channel is DAHDI/3 and the 5839 is just a parameter associated with that channel.

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