After IVR call would again connect to agent


Following is my scenario

1:- Inbound call connect to agent

2:- After some talk customer would forward to IVR

3:- After completing IVR both agent and customer will rejoin the call.

Please suggest.


If you’re looking to reconnect to the same agent, you’ll want to pass a variable to the IVR. You can probably use ${AGENTEXTEN} to do something like this: This is not tested, you need to make sure that the variable is passed to the [ivr] context.

exten => 9999,1,NoOp(The IVR)
 ... do something
 same => n,Dial(SIP/${AGENTEXTEN})

Only issue I see with this method is that call will be connected outside the queue, so if some queue stat is needed using this method the stat won’t be available

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Thanks for replying. But what would be scenario in queue. Would customer rejoin the queue ? But in this case call may be connect to some other agent.

If you send the call to the queue it possible it will be connected to other agent, I dont know if new versions of Asterisk have such functionality of connect calls on a queue to an specific agent, I will need to review the documenation

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