Affidability of asterisk

i am planing to organize a call center, this call center will have 10-15 operators, and vill respond to an amount of 200000 call per year…is it possible to base it on asterisk?

can i have any support and, is it difficult to be used by agents which doesn’t knows linux?


Best regards, nicola

Hello, Asterisk is capable of doing this. It is not increadibly easy to setup and configure the system especially if you are inexperienced. There are several places you can go for assistance,,, here, mailing list , irc etc. Also there are several asterisk pros here who would be happy to set it up for you for a fee of course. Also there are Digium config packages as well as express support for doing just this. I hope this helps.

hi, thanks for your reply, my question is if asterisk is easy to use from agents, not for configure, for example i can install and configure all, but the agents who works at the pc, what see on the monitor when there is a call, can i assign some agents on some clients (number) and some agents to other clients?

thanks in advance, Nicola

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