Advice for voice/audio loop in Flight/Space Sim

Dear forum,

In the process of building a Flight/Space-craft simulator, I am getting in touch with you to collect information regarding a audio/voice loop that could/should be used in our simulation mock-up.

The initial (main) requirements were at first:

  • 3 persons (2p. in shell + 1p. operator) able to talk/listen to conversation (no push-to-talk)
  • ability to record/replay conversation (+ sync. with video records from 3 IP-cam)
  • mute/volume controls for each headset jack/XLR plug

According to new inputs, in order to ensure reusability & extendability, additional requirements would be:

  • flexibility to add more people/operator in the conversation
  • select channel to listen and/or conversation to participate to

So today, the different directions we have in mind are:
1.) Staying in audio/analog from shell to rack, using analog cable and a turn table in order to mix ‘live’ all inputs/outputs, entering the audio/video PC with a single pre-balanced audio input, to be recorded on top of the video IP streams.
(+) Fast & easy to set-up (ok for first requirements only)
(-) No quick extension & flexibility
(-) Noise & interference issue ?

2.) Go for a full VoIP system (asterisk?)
(+) stable, heavily configurable & flexibility/extension
(+) ability to create different conferences/conversations
(-) overkill ?
(-) extract/record every audio channel and merge them with video

3.) Go for different TCP/IP channels/streams, with a small touch-screen interface in order
(+) tailored home-made solution, fitting our needs
(-) dev. effort, time & hardware costs

In case of a VoIP/Asterisk solution, what would you suggest for the headset equipment ?
(we definitely want to avoid ending up have a real/complete (IP)phone in a cockpit… )
What are the main Asterisk configuration trick/features you could think of in this cas (no dilaing, perpetual conference mode, …)
In my google searches, I am lacking the appropriate term to define what I am (trying to) do here: conference-mode ain’t exacly the right word, would it be a kind of RoIP (but without Radio waves actually ?)

Thank you for your feedback,