Advice for Small Business

I am looking to convert a small business to asterisk but I’m not entirely sure how to go about doing it. The company has two analog (verizon) lines currently. What’s the best method of implementing these lines into VOIP? This will be a system with 5 phones.

My original idea was to use an ATA or FXO and set up analog trunks to asterisk and then set up shared line appearances (SLA) on the voip phones to act like the existing phone system so that users could put calls on hold and have someone else pick them up and have BLF lights to signify someone is using the analog lines… however… asterisk does not play nicely with SLA as I have come to find. It worked ok with snom but I like Polycom much better and it does not work well with them.

Can anyone guide me toward a model of some sort or suggest some sort of flow chart for the system and how it should be set up to handle calls?

The last thing I want to do is install an analog system again… those days are coming to an end.

Thanks in advance.

I am sorry I have to ask. Are you being paid by said company to do this work?

if you are, find a consultant to help you; your reputation depends on it. You have a 10-15% chance of getting asterisk right if you dont know what you’re doing; it might be less.


most useful advice for start small business is a Prepare a comprehensive business plan if you need to raise capital. Banks and other lenders will want to see detailed plans of how you envision future growth. Calculate what you can afford to invest.