AdtranTA924 losing registration every 130 seconds


We have a reseller who is using similar adtran’s with similar configs for three locations that connect back to our asterisk pbx. One of the three gateway’s is getting a 503 error from us and is forced to re-register every 130 seconds. During this time all devices off adtran obviously lose connection as well.

Please let me know where I could begin posting information that will be helpful. I have ran tcpdumps on our gear, and have compared the remote pcap files. have config’s off a good and bad adtran, and worked with the company who has provided the softswitch software that we use to inject information into our asterisk pbx.

We have replaced the Adtran hardware and still experience the same symptoms.

Also the site has many other sip peers on the same network that do not lose registration at all and do not receive the 503 error, granted none of these devices are adtran’s but the connectivity should be proved out as they are registering with the same ports over the same wan connection.