Adjusting Digium DSP


I would like to know, how can we adjust digium dsp? Like we know that PRI sample rate is 8000 bps and where as data modem sample rate is 9600 bps. Just need to know is there any possibility to set PRI sample rate to 9600 bps?

Data modem sample (true baud) rates do not exceed 8,000 on normal phone lines and that for a 9600 bps half duplex modem (V.29, I think) was only 1,200 (1.8kHz sub carrier). V.22 and V.22bis were 600. With the exception of those that run at 8000 baud, which only do so one way, and require direct digital to digital processing at the other end, all baseband telephone modems have baud rates less than about 3200. This is true for the uplink on the 8000 baud downlink ones.

PRI is a little over 1.5Mbps in the USA and 2,048,000 in most of the rest of the world. Basic rate is 64,000 (although in the USA, some bits are not available for payload. Basic rate speech is carried at 8000 samples per second.

Could you explain what you are really trying to do. At the moment, my guess is that you do not understand telephone systems or modems at all.