Adding sellvoip to asterisk

I was really interested in sellvoip, so I got a trail account from them, to see if I can make it work with asterisk, but they did not give me any instructions at all, can you tell me how I can connect to it from my asterisk server?


sellvoip? good luck, they never respond to ANY requests.

I’d agree here. I got a trial account as well and got an automated email with how to log in etc.

Then I signed up and paid $25. No email with my account settings, no acknowledgement that I paid, and no response to multiple emails. There was no response from their sales department prior to that when I had asked questions about their proxy servers, etc. so that should have been a warning to me…

I sent them an email with the subject line, “If I don’t get a response I’m having my credit card company reverse the charges”. Guess what, no response. My advice is to stay away…

is there any similar companies that offer the same rates? most i’v seem were too expensive

have you ever heard the saying “you get what you pay for”?

I’m asking this for all general service provider not just for sellvoip, lets say I add the service provider in sip.conf or iax.conf and start asterisk with: “asterisk -vvvvc” should I get a massage at the end saying if it connected or not? cause I tried adding 2 providers and asterisk has not given any info about them connecting or not.

the general information you want is on the wiki … search for sip.conf

as for Asterisk CLI info on the registration, try “sip show registry”