Adding party to a call (for emergency services)

Hello Friends,
please let me know what you think of this idea, and what i may do to improve upon it.

the problem - when someone calls emergency services we would like to let an attendant know so they may also direct emergency personal.

when the call to 911 is placed, we setup a channel spy for that channel, we then build a call file to ring the attendants phone and put in relevant info into the CID fields. we then call 911, which should also bridge in the attendant.



Great idea! I put this exact feature into Always Be Conferencing dial plan configuration for Asterisk, although it is not tied to 911 and can be used with 112 or 922 or 933 or whatever you like for testing. The “tincan” mode of ABC uses ChanSpy but there is also “simple” mode which does not use ChanSpy and goes directly to ConfBridge.


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