Adding Extension Description in CDR CUSTOM Field

Hi Team,
I am trying to customize the billing report and want to add the DID Description into Custom CDR field.

Please advise how this can be achieved

I’m not a member of any team.

Do you mean a the userfield, in which case you use Set(CDR(userfield)=

or do you mean a custom field of your own naming, in which case use Set(CDR(<custom-field-name>)=

“DID Description” has no well defined meaning in Asterisk, so I can’t tell you how to discover this value.

Yeah , basically runnig Issabele IP PBX - In Billing report i want to add Custom field like “Business Unit” which should map with some database value of Extension like DID or callgroup etc.

Please advise how can this be done.

You need to get your support from the people involved with Issabele.

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